A Sound Blessing is an intentional improvisation for a specific person. We take time to listen for sounds & melodies that we feel are meant to be played in that moment for that particular person.



“Your music has so many beautiful colors which still are unknown to me. The way I saw and felt your music was beyond my own imagination, my own knowledge, my own experience of harmonies. There was something unique in your group performance which I cannot explain into words, but I can confidently say that THIS IS THE WORLD OF MUSIC. It touched my heart, soul and everything. I can think of myself going to my own past. Walking through so many things in my own life. Feel like SOMEONE is smiling at me and giving me blessing. The experience was beyond my thinking. It's just an EXPERIENCE of the beauty of everythingNature, Sound, Love, Separation, Screaming, Happiness, Inspiration, and many more things.”

Vivek Pal, India (pianist)


“Ensemble Estelliah created sublime, uncomposed music that seemed to grow intuitively out of the mood of the gathering. Each member of the group, everyone a master of her instrument, found a musical language to express the thoughts that God put into their minds. This synergy evoked a deep response in me. Listening to their music, I felt inspired to go beyond the notes, throw away the text and experience music in its raw, uncodified form; to improvise with them and create new music.”

Emma-Marie Kabanova, England / Russia (violinist)